Getting the maximum sale price in Eugene

Here’s a great video I found. It’s Real Estate Coach Tom Panos on Australia’s Sky News. The principles he talks about are equally applicable to the real estate market here in Eugene and Springfield.

Here are a few highlights that Tom points out that are particularly relevant to the market here in Lane County.

Make sure that as people are flying through that you’ve got photos and headlines that stops the consumer, and says, “Wow, look at that!

So I would say, make sure you’re using amazing photography, great copywriting, and video (which is) a very good sticker on social media and on websites. So I would say, make sure you’re using world class marketing.

… People filter with their brain, but buy with their heart. So what we want to do is get people into the property. And once they’re there, competition will get you top dollar.

Tom’s absolutely right – with most buyers searching online for their next home here in Eugene, you only have seconds to capture them before they move on to the next property. Therefore the way you present your listing dictates almost entirely whether or not they will take the next step to physically visit the property. If you don’t grab them with amazing images, then they simply flick on to the next home that gets their attention, and you’ll be left out in the cold. What you want are more buyers in competition with each other, resulting in the highest possible sale price.