Here at The Photoguy our mission is to help you succeed. We do that by providing you with a full range of imaging services, tailored to your specific needs. We’ve been serving Eugene, Springfield, and all of western Oregon since 2004. Whether you are selling/leasing real estate, are a builder or a local business owner, we are here for you.


You will receive professional, magazine-quality photographs of your property. These can include interior and exterior photos, dusk photos, and aerial photos, depending on your needs. We typically provide two sizes of images: one for print use, and one for online use.  Each image is carefully crafted, from conception through delivery.

Virtual Tours

This is the classic virtual tour, with stills and panoramas displayed in a viewer, along with several marketing tools. It is designed with the residential real estate broker in mind. Some of the features are:

  • Branded and unbranded versions
  • Automatic or self-guided tours
  • Printable flyers
  • Visitor stats
Link to Virtual Tour from The Photoguy
Video Tours

Video tours can take many forms, from simple slideshows of still image, through HD walk through and aerial videos. We provide branded and unbranded versions of all of our videos, The branded versions are posted on YouTube (or another platform of your choice). We host the unbranded versions so they are completely MLS compliant.

Link to Video tour from The Photoguy
3-D Showcase Tours

This is the ultimaate immersive tour. It’s a real game-changer, allowing visitors to see your property from any perspective. Some of the features are:

  • Dollhouse view: Visitors can see the space from any angle without the exterior walls.
  • Floorplan View: Visitors can see the space from directly overhead, again without the exterior walls.
  • Fly Through Tour: With a puch of a button the visitor is taken on a guided tour of the space.
  • Self-Guided Tour: The visitor can move to just about any place within the space and get a 360˚ view.
  • 3D tour with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, or iOS goggles
Link to 3D Showcase tour from The PHotoguy
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